Food & Drink

Massimiliano has credited his passion for food to growing up with his mother’s simple home cooking. From an early age he developed a strong appreciation for the quality of local produce and a respect for the seasonality of dishes and their ingredients.

Unsurprisingly this influence led him from school straight to catering college. It was here that not only his training for a life in the professional kitchen took hold, but also an eagerness to broaden his culinary base.

Lured by London’s cosmopolitan and vibrant restaurant scene Vezzi moved to London in 1999. It was here, whilst working in some of London’s best kitchens such as Al Duca, Latium, that he gained confidence, experience, and knowledge of ingredients to expand his creativity.

Over the years, Vezzi’s enthusiasm has never waned, nor name his earliest inspiration of seasonality and use of quality, local produce. The combination of this experience and the resulting creativity has now pushed both these influences to the fore. He uses them to remarkable effect with a menu at Osteria dell’Angolo that pushes the perceptions of both Italy’s traditional and regional dishes, as well as creating original variations of the classics.

We recreate the dishes of his home region with carefully sourced ingredients and artisan produce.